Closet Updates: 3 Ways to "Recycle" Your…

Closet Updates: 3 Ways to &Quot;recycle" Your Clothing

Out With the Old, in With the New

In my closet, there are jeans that don’t fit, shirts I don’t wear and clothes that are outdated, which means that it is time for me cleans things out. I typically try to do this at least twice a year as the seasons change, so that I can keep my wardrobe full of pieces I love and not picking up dust in the depths of my overstuffed closet. If you’re thinking about doing the same, don’t feel like you have to throw clothes away. There are a lot of options for making sure that your clothes get the most wear.

Consignment. Do an internet search for consignment shops in your city and read over their rules. Some stores will take your clothing and accessories in for trade. Others will price your items and then take a percentage of the sale. Keep in mind that with consignment stores, they will be looking for specific pieces. I suggest only contributing items that are gently used, up-to-date with trends, and in very good condition.

Donate. If the consignment shop won’t take your items, then you can also donate them. You can go to your local Goodwill store, but also check with any charities that may be looking for donations, especially for winter months when they will be looking for sweaters and coats specifically. Also, there are organizations geared towards women who need business clothing. And don’t count out hand-me-downs. My junior high wardrobe was about 80% hand-me-downs from next door neighbor and I loved it. Just make sure your items don’t have rips, holes, stains or are too faded.

Swap. If your friends are also ready to donate their old clothing, shoes and accessories, then organize a swap. A clothing swap party can be a fun way to get more use out of items that you love but may just not fit anymore. Styles change and vary from person to person, so even if you wear an item one way, your friend might find five other ways in which they want to style it.

I usually don’t buy things unless I love them, but parting with past items in one of these ways makes it easier for me to go through my closet and clean things out. The best part of course is out with the old, in with the new. Time to go shopping!

Shopping tip: Old Navy has been having a sale on denim. I just bought two pairs of jeans - one dark rinsed and one faded - for $13.50 each!

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