Celebrity Designer Collaboration: Derek Lam for…

Celebrity Designer Collaboration: Derek Lam for Kohl’s
April 5th Kohl’s will debut the collection from celebrity designer Derek Lam. Taking a peek through the lookbook it seems that this line is targeted at a broader audience than many of the other celebrity designer collaborations.

Kohl’s keeps clothing at an affordable rate and the clothing lines hit a little bit of a more mature audience meaning hemlines will have longer lengths and skin exposure in general will be a bit more minimal. However, that doesn’t mean that the collection will be without fun.

Prints and color are two highlights of the collection. For some pieces color blocking in bright colors and big stripes are a trend and other pieces have a wilder print as their theme. I like the tunic/jumper and I love the shoes chosen to pair with the clothes as seen on the Kohl’s website.

Some of the pieces have some beautiful draping while other pieces have a no-nonsense, very casual quality about them. The collection which is said to have been inspired by Rio does reflect a summery, breezy kind of attitude.

Have you seen pictures of the collection? What do you think?

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