British Fashion & why we're desperate to…

British Fashion &Amp; Why We're Desperate to Show Skin.
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If you're from Britain, It will come to absolutely no surprise that our fashion is becoming more and more revealing each year. Last year see-through tops and short skirts were the rage. I had visited Americans last year and gotten many questionable looks at my showing legs and skin from them against the apparent fashion they were sporting of plaid shirts and jeans. But please America, let me tell you why we're so desperate to set our skin free!

This year, a trend has come to the high streets
here in Britain, crop-tops, revealing our bellies and showing off our cleavage. I'll admit that even I couldn't resist the urge to take all my money on a spending spree to primark. Along with crop-tops come short shorts. Are we repeating the fashion of the noughties? Now, many American's have come up to me and revealed that, quite frankly, they think I'm absolutely nuts. We had snow up in to the beginning of March, a week of sun and rain ever since. Here in Oxford we've been floating on a steady 15 degrees and clouds.

Despite having heavy rain and no sign of sunshine coming any time soon, I spent all of my wages on buying clothes for the summer. And this is what I call 'WISHFUL THINKING'. It seems to me that all my friends in L.A. have fun sporting 'boy tees' with long sleeves in the sun whereas us lot in England are desperate to get a tan.

To put it quite simply- WE ARE -DESPERATE- FOR THE SUN! Anyone can tell you that less clothes often comes with warmer weather. So please you warmer countries, don't judge us for our seemingly tarty way of dressing, we just wish we had your weather!
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