Beauty and Makeup Tips to Try this Fall/Winter

Beauty and Makeup Tips to Try This Fall/Winter

Look Your Best for the Upcoming Seasons

Now that fall is around, it’s time to take out our best beauty and makeup tips for the season. For me, there are a few that I seem to revisit each year once fall comes around—read on and try them out for yourself.

First, fall is that time of the year when my skin begins to feel tight and dry. Do you ever wake up in the morning and see those dead patches of skin sitting on the surface? D: One way to get rid of excess dead skin: exfoliate. Be sure to exfoliate regularly to get rid of any dry skin (and making your makeup look extra cakey!). I also generally add an extra-rich moisturizer at the end of my night skincare regimen—it really does wonders ☺.

One of my favorite things to do during the autumn season is to opt for a warmer blush shade. Especially on those hazy, chilly days, a warm complexion will look absolutely stunning and catch the attention of all those around you. A warm blush is great because it gives that cozy, snug touch…especially when paired with a scarf and warm attire.

Another one of my favorite looks for the fall is the deep red lip color in a matte texture. Glum, overcast weather does not mean that your makeup has to also look just as bleak. On these days, I like to defy the gloomy weather by going for vivid red lips in a matte texture, along with strong brows and lightly done eyes. What are some of your own beauty and makeup tips you revisit each year?

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