Beach Cover-ups

Beach Cover-Ups

To See Where To Go for Your Spring Break and Summer Break 2012 Shopping Spree!

Victoria's Secret Caftan
  • Victoria's Secret Caftan
  • Target Caftan Cover-up
  • Swimwear Place Lace Cover-up
  • Victoria's Secret Lace Cover-up
  • Target Maxi Cover-up
  • Victoria's secret Embellished Maxi Cover-up $98.00
  • Swimwear Place Romper Cover-up
  • Victoria's Secret Romper Cover-up
Okay now we all know that you should always have something covering up your bathing suit unless your tanning or in the water even though you want to show off your awesome bathing suit! so here are some styles and places to go so that you know where to get your summer 2012 must haves, which by the way Cover-ups should be on your list. ;] So lets start off with styles; first style would be LACE now as i look around to observe what styles are in this summer iv'e been seeing a whole lot of lace. lace looks great over a swimsuit, i recommend a lace cover-up for those of you with a solid color swimsuit. no more then three colors on the beach is necessary. for the second style i chose the CAFTAN. My favorite would have to be the caftan. If you do not know what a caftan is it is a cover-up that has big, roomy, exaggerated sleeves. it looks amazing, most of them have very cute details around the neckline or anywhere else for that matter. the most popular style i think because iv'e seen it so much is the classic long MAXI. the maxi is an extremely long cover-up. at least it does it's job well. it most certainly covers you up. although most are see-through. it can be worn many ways too. if you are one of those people who like to take a popular style and switch it up you can tie the maxi in a whole bunch of combinations because it is so long. my last and final style to offer to you would be the ROMPER. the romper not only looks good as a fashion style but also as a cover-up. Remember there are a whole lot more styles of Cover-ups out there i'm just introducing the ones that appeal to most people in the summer 2012 collections that are selling out like madness. Now lets get to where to buy. first i recommend VICTORIA'S SECRET. Victoria's secret has not only all the styles that i mentioned but a whole lot more. TARGET this is for those of you who are on a budget I'm just saying that you can buy Cover-ups there for a cheap price without looking cheap. Last i recommend is SWIMWEAR PLACE. is it just a website but its got a warehouse full of all you can wear swim. You never know unless you try it. Just remember that just because i recommend these places does not mean that these are just about the only places to get them i mean duh. you can go just about anywhere to find swimsuit cover-ups after you read this article you might want to look at the picture to see what style you like best. then you'll know for sure what your getting before it's BEACH TIME!!!!!!!!!!

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very cute! I love summer because it means wearing my swimsuit all day least on the weekends! :) This comment has been removed.
I like rompers the best!! This comment has been removed.
You're right, VS and Target always have cute coverups for the summer! I love the white one you've got here :) This comment has been removed.
Cute cover-ups! I like the bright purple and long black one a lot. That reminds me, I need a new one of these :) This comment has been removed.
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