3 Simple Reasons You Should Wear Knitwear Even When…

3 Simple Reasons You Should Wear Knitwear Even When It’s Warm

The best part of the colder months is when it’s time to break out the knitwear. Comfy sweaters and over-sized sweatshirts paired with skinny jeans and leggings are the perfect combination. Not only do they look good, but they’re extremely comfortable too. You’ll be warm in the cool air while still looking hot and stylish.

You might even be guilty of falling into the routine of wearing this look multiple times per week. Don’t feel bad about it, you’re certainly not the only one. When you glance around on a walk down the street, you’ll see at least three others doing the same thing. At least you all look amazing!

Just because the colder months end doesn’t mean you have to wait an entire year to enjoy wearing stylish knitwear again. You can even wear it during the summer if you play your cards right!

Wildfox and Charli London make knitwear styles that are so well made that they’ll get you through the winter and into the summer as well. Don’t listen to television-- knitwear doesn’t need to be confined to the cold months.

Here are three simple reasons you should be wearing knitwear all year round.


There is nothing more comfortable than knitwear. Seriously, try to think of a piece of clothing more comfy than an oversized sweater. Impossible.

You can curl up on the couch and your knitwear feels like you’re already wrapped up in a blanket. This sensation carries with you everywhere you go. That means you can be out on the town looking fashionable, but still feeling like you’re lying in bed. It’s the best of both worlds.

Being comfortable in your clothes and in your skin is arguably the most important aspect of any piece of fashion. There’s no point in dressing a certain way if you don’t feel comfortable. With knitwear, you’ll never have to worry about discomfort.


Count on knitwear to get you through those frigid winters. Some people let the cold be the death of their sense of fashion, choosing to rely on bulky coats and sweatpants to carry them through.

Don’t let that happen to you! You’re better than that!

Knitwear is both warm and sexy. With a sweater, you can step out into the icy winter weather with the proper protection and a photo-ready outfit.

In the summer months, be sure to buy thinner versions of your knitwear and pair them with things that will allow you to remain cool, like high-waisted shorts. It sounds like an odd combination, but it’ll blow your mind!


Above all else, knitwear looks fantastic on almost anyone. It fits well on any body shape or size, allowing a sort of universal love of knitwear. This is the trend that keeps on giving.

You won’t have to worry about anyone else liking your outfit. Chances are, they’ll be asking you where you got it.

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