Aries Fashion Horoscope (Fri-Sun Nov 10-12)

Aries Fashion Horoscope (fri-Sun Nov 10-12)

Conflict Free Weekend

There is likely to be tension between you and a close friend (or partner) going into the weekend. Plan a conflict free weekend by lining up an activity THEY will enjoy. Think of them when you pick your look. If they like to stand out, find something attractive but muted. If they like to be with you while you're looking sexy, then go with heals. You get to be in charge by making the weekend happen, but they get to be your focus.

I'd like to make a special call out to a Bianca or similar B name (Italian, Spanish or Portuguese I'm not sure because I didn't hear enough of the words). You have a boyfriend who is coming back from a trip today (thursday). This advice is especially meant for you. He had a hard time and needs this (even though you want it to be the other way around). The good news is, next week is all yours!

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