Anna Karenina Inspires Banana Republic Clothing…

Anna Karenina Inspires Banana Republic Clothing Line
A new fall/winter clothing line for Banana Republic is set to emerge inspired by the classic book turned movie, Anna Karenina. The movie which stars Keira Knightley is scheduled for release on November 9th of this year with the clothing collection set to debut only weeks before available for both men and women.

It is a 76-piece collection reflective of 19th century Russia, the timeframe that the movies is set in. The fabrics and colors of that time period are reflected as this year's winter collections will start to be unveiled in stores. Those interested in the pieces can look forward to faux furs, velvets and elements of lace with bejeweled additions incorporated into the dark looks.

Use of the rich colors of winter including cranberry, evergreen and navy are perfect for the seasonal time when the collection will debut. The dark, neutral pieces will be perfect for both work and holiday parties since they embrace sophistication, classiness and elegance with simple silhouettes and rich fabrics.

I feel that with the debut of such a collection inspired by the costume designing of Anna Karenina that a nail polish line can't be that far behind. Jewel tones would break up the dark looks and add the pop of color necessary when styling with individual pieces for an outfit. Accessorizing the collection can be kept simple with one statement necklace or chain belt, as the textures and structure of the pieces will be in true Banana Republic tailored fashion.

Have you seen any pieces from the Anna Karenina line? Do you have any favorites?

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I just saw the movie trailer finally and the costumes are fantastic, so I'm more excited for this line now. This comment has been removed.
This sounds so elegant
! Can't wait to see both BR line and movie :)
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