Accessorizing for Work

Accessorizing for Work

MyStyle: Jewelry Part II—Work Edition

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Since I previously shared an article on my ever-growing jewelry collection, I thought it’d only make sense to follow up with another article on these jewelry pieces in action. Lately, I’ve been particularly into different ways of accessorizing for work, so here are a few snapshots of some of my favorite combinations!

Golden Gypsy (Image 1)

Depending on my mood, I generally choose to either go low-key or all-out for my work accessory look. If you see me wearing a combination like my “Golden Gypsy” look pictured above, you know it’s one of my all-out accessory days. For a look such as this one, a simple plain outfit is key. Since you’ve got the accessories making the statement, you really don’t want to bombard onlookers with a visual overload…a sleek blazer and a flowy tank will complement statement jewelry pieces nicely.

Gunmetal silvers (Image 2)

This is my usual go-to pieces on days I’m too lazy to put in effort, and yet unwilling to go all-bare. Gunmetal silvers are my favorite tones when it comes to jewelry types, I just love how versatile they are when pairing with my wardrobe pieces!

Bohemian Blues (Image 3)

There’s just something captivating about the turquoise stones—the deep-sea color just really pops, especially when paired with coral-lacquered nails. Add some bangles, and you’re bound to get a statement arm—as strange as that sounds. I love to combine these jewelry pieces with a long maxi skirt, a flowy cropped top tucked in the front with a belted waist!

Sleek Gold ‘n Black (Image 4)

Last but not least is the winning combo of blacks and golds. Sleek and discreet is the name of the game—but that’s not to say that it isn’t just every bit as stunning as any other look. This is perfect for a polished look, whether you’re wearing a business suit or a casual blazer!

(Photos by me)

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