'90's Fashion Reinvented

'90'S Fashion Reinvented

Updating Fashion Trends

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In 2012, it seems like there is a resurgence of the mid-90s when it comes to music. Alanis Morrisette, Matchbox 20 and my favorite, No Doubt are all coming out with new albums. The ‘90s was a great decade of fashion and dressing as an individual. While some of those trends need to stay in that decade, like with anything fashion, it can always be recreated into something current. So if you’re feeling nostalgic for times past but don’t want to look out of date, then try these trends:

‘90s Favorite: Chokers
Updated Trend: Bib necklaces

I had a choker. It was velvet with a cross which I believe was my homage to Kelly Taylor from 90210 because I feel she had one similar. While I loved the necklace at the time, I would feel silly wearing one now. But bib necklaces are an updated version of this classic. You can wear the Peter Pan collar style, which is closer to the neckline or let the necklace literally sweep down like a bib. Hot looks are mesh necklaces and multi-tiered jewels.

‘90’s Favorite: Midriff shirt
Updated Trend: Cut-out dress

Baring your midriff was all the rage in the ‘90’s. Long, lean tanks and tucked in shirts were unheard of in terms of what was considered hip. Showing skin didn’t mean oozing sex appeal, but instead just reflected a trend of the times. Midriff shirts were always a casual look and could be paired with jeans, cut off shorts are mini skirts. While baring the belly isn’t as popular now, showing skin is still on trend. A cut-out dress takes care of this look with a stylish twist. Openings in the sleeves or the backs or both are fashionable; rarely do you see the stomach.

‘90’s Favorite: Rolled jeans
Updated: Trend: Skinny jeans

Baggy jeans only really lasted for a short while, thank goodness, and fitted jeans have always been much more the big trend. In the ‘90’s, tightly rolled jeans were an in demand trend, the tighter the better. A straight leg is better now, but skinny jeans are still in style. They are a perfect look for fall by pairing with booties and oversized sweaters.

Just because the decades change doesn’t mean the fashion has to be lost, but simply recreated. Which “reinvented” ‘90’s looks do you like?

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