2013 summer fashion!!!

2013 Summer Fashion!!!

Lipgloss Magigirl Is Back to Advise You on Major Popular Must-Haves. Enjoy and Share With Friends.

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first and foremost i would like to say its great to be back, and what a timing that i'm back for the summer trents artical. so, lets kick things off with the big breakthrough in fashion this summer. DEMIN JACKETS they are huge and very stylish. like the one in the picture, they can be in all sizes and all demin blues to look awsome but i particularly like the one i selected. but you can get jackets with small ripped features which make it look cool or get jackets with studs or spikes to rock it out.anouther noticable fashion hit is the crop top. now personally i don't like them but obviously the rest of the world does. crop tops where big during the 80's and pop sensation madonna was the one to thank for that. Anyway if you do decide to where these this summer i would sugest high waist jeans or shorts and a denim jacket.Next i want to mention is shorts, particularly denim shorts, not these look great and keep you cool during the summer heat but i suggest not to where them all the time and experiment with other types of bottoms like chinos or jeans, trust me the denim on denim rule is definetly been broken this summer. but if your one for casual beauty i would sugest a maxi dress, the one in the picture is deffinetly for anyone but if you want to stand out from the crowd you should find a maxi or midi dress with some aztec patterning as they are high this season. the atzet patterning are shown in the next image and are printed on a varios number of clothing types like leggings and crop tops i suggest you look into aztec clothing.colour codde this summer is... there is none just chuck on as many diffrent bright colors as possible because summer is the fun season and make sure your dressed to have fun. like this two pictures shownon the side. sandals are a constant item in summer so get some quick before they run out of the shelf. but also you could try wedges espescialy if its under a maxi dress. spikes are big also this summer it is cool, trendy and edgey so i recomend them to anyone. finally dog collar bracelets are so in fashion so give them a try you won't be disapointed.
thats all thank you for reading i hope to make a winter artical so please stay in touch for that, also please share this artical to others and press like if you liked it. i would love it if you left a comment on whether you liked it or not.please watch the video, i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.

thank you

summer mood board

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WOW i lve da vid superrr nd da whole styl ting fab r chu sum kind of fashion geek chu knw top to bottem nd i cannot agree mre i lve dis nd i really wish over ppl cud see wat a splended wrk chu hve dne nd welcum bck This comment has been removed.
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