X-Factor Blackout: Britney, Demi and Khloe Go Bold…

X-Factor Blackout: Britney, Demi and Khloe Go Bold in Black
The ladies of X-Factor know how to wear black so that it looks best for their body type. Judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato in addition to host Khloe Kardashian rock their different body shapes and fashion styles by allowing basic black to dominate their wardrobes.

Britney looks fresh and pretty in a curve-hugging dress that still appears ladylike due to the just below the knee skirt length. She pairs her outfit with wispy, blunt bangs and a slight wave to her bleach-blonde hair, which really allows the star show off a classier style.

Demi looks demure in a figure-flattering frock with a skirt that hits just above the knee. The dress is taken from plain to polished with beaded sleeves that give it an extra special touch. Black pumps, minimal makeup and being accessory free shows that Demi is comfortable in her own skin.

Khloe knows how to wear clothes and not let clothes wear her. Her height and curvy figure can sometimes be a challenge, but she is able to still pull off svelte and sexy even when just wearing jeans. Her black skinny jeans tucked into knee high, laced-up boots are paired perfectly with a simple, slimming black top and a standout leopard print jacket. She knows what to minimize and what to draw attention to when it comes to dressing for her body shape.

All the X Factor stars keep true their own sense of style and have had wardrobe hits and misses along the way. What's good though is that they all seem to bounce back better than before.

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@RoryGautsche She's a girl that looks good when "less is more." She's simple here, but oh so glam. I wish she would do that more often. This comment has been removed.
I think Britney has been looking so cute lately. Love her hair and the dress suits her very well! This comment has been removed.
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