The Best Makeover Movies

The Best Makeover Movies

Makeover Movies We Love

The Best Makeover Movies
Makeover movies belong to a special genre that deserves its own aisle (preferably next to the Sour Patch candies) at Blockbuster. Watch our favorite makeover movies, then give yourself a movie-quality makeover in our virtual makeup studio.

The Pretty Woman Movie Makeover

Wealthy business tycoon Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) plucks an unlikely prostitute (Julia Roberts) from the streets of Hollywood. After they spend the night together--with a "no kissing" rule strictly enforced-- he gives her a pocket full of cash to buy a new wardrobe, unearthing some serious arm candy potential.

Lessons learned: A makeover has the power to put an end to haughty stares from shopkeepers and hotel staff, and to move a man to the kind of white knight behavior only exhibited in fairy tales. In other words, trading your fishnet stockings and platinum wig for long white gloves and an elegant updo goes a long way to improve your social standing in the world.

The Devil Wears Prada Movie Makeover

Young journalist Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway) goes from disheveled naif to career savvy clothes horse while working for slave driver Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), the icy-chic editor of Runway magazine. By the second half of the film, Sachs is a bona fide bombshell with some serious bangs and a preoccupation with couture.

Lessons learned: Taking an interest in red lipstick can boost your self-confidence and professional image, but the quest for chic should never take its toll on your personal relationships.

The Clueless Movie Makeover

Makeovers give Beverly Hills teenager Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) "a sense of control in a world full of chaos." When her step brother suggest she's superficial (as if!), she is thrust into full-on identity crisis mode and decides to give back to the community the only way she knows how. She takes the shy new girl at school under her wing, turning her from frizzy-haired outcast into a total Betty overnight. All is well until the new girl's popularity soars beyond her own.

Lessons learned: Red hair dye and frizz are social-life threatening; always take a Polaroid of yourself before committing to an ensemble.

The Miss Congeniality Movie Makeover

In an effort to catch a serial killer who threatens to blow up the Miss United States pageant, tomboy F.B.I agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) goes undercover as Miss New Jersey, alias Gracie Lou Freebush. Careful not to arouse suspicion, she must undergo Operation Prima Dona, a war against breakouts, broken nails and frosted donuts, while also learning the art of sucking in her stomach and pivoting in high heels.

Lessons learned: You can totally save the world in a swimsuit and heels (hello world peace).

The Princess Diaries Movie Makeover

This light hearted Disney flick follows hopeless geek Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) as she is transformed from backwards school girl into glamorous princess of Genovia, a destiny revealed to her by her grandmother the Queen. In true makeover tradition, it's buh-bye unibrow and glasses, and hello ball gowns and tiara.

Lessons learned: There exists a swan in every ugly duckling, but not necessarily manners or grace. Those things cannot be cultivated overnight.

The Mrs. Doubtfire Movie Makeover

A heartwarming and wickedly funny story that proves there are many motivations for a makeover. Daniel Hibbard (played by Robin Williams) undergoes an extensive re-haul in order to be closer to his kids after a messy divorce. His gay brother--who is coincidentally a costume makeup artist-- creates a mask and rubber suit that turn him into a woman the size of a linebacker, and no one is the wiser.

Lessons learned: Taking on a new hairstyle (and maybe some really dark, oversize sunglasses) is still the best way to spy on an ex, just take precautions not to get caught in the act. --Stephanie Simons


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