Snow White and the Hunstman: Kristen Stewart &…

Snow White and the Hunstman: Kristen Stewart &Amp; Charlize Theron

See Kirsten and Charlize Work the Red Carpet for Their Newest Film

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On a recent red carpet promoting their upcoming film, Snow White and the Huntsman, Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart showed off some sleek and sophisticated looks. Charlize was ravishing in a simple red dress while Kristen struck a pose in a blue and black mini. The actresses play opposites in the movie, Charlize as the Evil Queen and Kristen as Snow White and their styles are also reflected on different ends of the fashion spectrum.

Charlize's simple red shift dress had a geometric cut to it that kept it more cutting edge. However, despite the firecracker color, the look was a bit too much fabric for Ms. Theron. Maybe I'm just used to her showing a little bit of leg or a plunging neckline from awards season, but the completely covered up look fell a little flat.

She paired her dress with camel colored shoes and no accessories in sight. Her hair was slicked back with pretty makeup, but nothing outstanding. If I were to make some styling tweaks to her look, I would have added a bold granite or gold cuff. Maybe both! I would keep her makeup simple but her hair loose. I may have kept the neutral shoe but shortened the length of her dress a couple of inches. Yes, the new mother is a sleek sophisticate, but I've seen her up the ante in styling as well.

Kristen, on the other hand, hit the red carpet in her typical dark colors. The black and blue pleated dress was adorned with a high belt and minimal black accessories. I liked her hair in the side braid and she, too, kept the makeup simple. Where Charlize is usually glamour goddess, Kristen tends to be punk rocker pretty. While her look was pretty, it was too reminiscent of outfits she's worn in the past. To be honest, I felt like the dress she was wearing, I could wear to work and it wasn't really up to par with a red carpet.

If I were to style her differently, I would let her keep the dress but give her a neon shoe, preferably in yellow or maybe even orange. I think the bright color would really spice up her look while also keeping true to her style. I'd also give her some accessories, maybe a brass knuckle ring or a bib necklace. Just a couple of "big" pieces would have really taken the look up a notch.

Don't get me wrong, both ladies are ones to watch on the red carpet. But sometimes it's fun to play "Fashion Police" and imagine celebrity style with your own personal twist. What did you think of the looks? Would you have changed anything or just left their style alone?

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