Sex and the City Hair and Makeup

Sex and the City Hair and Makeup

How To do Your hair And makeup Like SATC2

Sex and the City Hair and Makeup
Try "The Carrie"Look

Eyes: Copy Carrie's metallic-blue smokey eyes by applying gray-blue shadow all over your lids, then dipping a flathead eyeliner brush in classic black liquid eyeliner (brick brown or plum if you have green eyes) and push it into the lashline. Use the same deep shadow to define your crease.

Lips: A shade of warm, pinkish nude flatters all. For a sophisticated look, skip liner and gloss and increase the staying power of your lipstck by dustng it with loose powder in between your first and second layer of color.

Hair: Blow dry using a large round brush. Then wrap 3-inch sections around an iron, making sure the ends are evenly fed through the barrel. Repeat all over the head, keeping the movement softer at the scalp.

Try "The Miranda" Look

Eyes: Layering your eye liner with varying formulations (pencil, powder, then liquid) will give it staying power and make your features pop if you have light strawberry blonde hair. Opt for brown or burgandy rather than harsh black for the daytime.

Hair: Prep hair with a volumizer then wrap a large curling iron from root to ends. Comb in a side part and brush out lightly to open up the wave, creating a sweeping fringe.

Lips: For day or evening, a nude pink will warm up your complexion and keep the emphasis on smoky eyes.

Try "The Samantha" Look

Face: Take years off your face by mixing a touch of moisturizer and liquid highlighter with your foundation. Moisturizer keeps foundation from setting in fine lines while highlighter reflects light and casts an angelic glow.

Lashes: Apply individual lashes from the middle of the eye (above the iris) to the outer corner. Curl with a lash curler and follow with three coats of black mascara. Liner is optional.

Hair: Radiate grownup glamour with a sleek straight look. This hairstyle makes a stylish statement on shoulder-length hair.

Try "The Charlotte" Look

Hair: A shiny, one-length style softens the face without drawing attention to any one feature. Prep your hair with a detangling mist to create a sleek part and blow dry with a wide paddle brush for shine and sleekness.

Lashes: Apply individual lashes at the outer corners of the eyes to elongate them and give them a "smiling effect." Use a lash curler for extra oomph and follow with three coats of black mascara--or a blue one to brighten the whites of your eyes.

Cheeks: Try a liquid blush for a dewy, natural looking effect. A soft pink applied to the apples of the cheeks imparts an enivably youthful look.

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Carrie's hair looks great :) Usually, I don't really like how SJP looks...but she actually looks pretty good here! This comment has been removed.
You mean like her foundation finish? You can use a tinted moisturizer or a light reflecting foundation that is sheer to medium coverage. And the after you apply the foundation, use a highlighter. You skin will look really dewey. This comment has been removed.
I love charlotte's look!!!! Esp her hair. How can I get the same flawless makeup that she has on????? This comment has been removed.
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