Reese Witherspoon Hair and Makeup

Reese Witherspoon Hair and Makeup

How to Style Your Hair Like Reese

Reese Witherspoon Hair and Makeup
Reese Witherspoon’s long, layered hairstyle transitions effortless from errand-running on Robertson Boulevard to red carpet cameos after dark (when her precious kiddies are in bed). Whether she’s rocking a strapless evening gown or a cardigan and jeans, the hair never fails to look spot on and flatter her doll face. Want Reese's face-framing pieces? Try on Reese Witherspoon hair in our virtual makeover gallery.

If you have a doll face like Reese Witherspoon (heart-shaped face), your look undoubtedly has cherubic appeal. A heart-shaped face is widest at the top so the goal is to soften the corners of the forehead by pulling the hair forward. Wearing your hair tousled in loose waves or curls will fill in the sides of the face at the jawline and create a proportionate look.  If you desire bangs like Reese, keep them light (ask your stylist to texturize them) and accent them with layers that fall at the jawline. When it comes to bangs, deeply parted and side-swept styles are your best bet.

To soften the lower half of your face, highlight the chin, forehead and under eyes with a lighter foundation, while darkening the temples and cheeks with a slightly darker shade. Heart-shaped faces already possess remarkable cheekbones—use blush sparingly and blend well. --Stephanie Simons


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Her makeup is pretty minimal; i'd say that she's wearing a taupe or gray-ish brown eye color with a few swipes of mascara. On her lips, she's most likely wearing a liner topped with a nude color. This comment has been removed.
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