Rebel Wilson Red Carpet Looks

Rebel Wilson Red Carpet Looks

Check Out Rebel Wilson's Best Red-Carpet Looks

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Funny girl Rebel Wilson has catapulted to the mainstream spotlight after her hilarious performance in the hugely successful 2011 comedy, “Bridesmaids.” Since then she has appeared in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting," "Bachelorette" and most recently in “Pitch Perfect” as the comic go-to girl. Her work schedule has been full with multiple appearances, and she stylishly illustrates how fuller figure women don’t have to hide from their curves. There are multiple reasons to fall in love with Rebel Wilson's style - - here are four to get you started.

She is body conscious. She is aware of her body type and chooses clothing that flatters her figure. She doesn’t hide her body in baggy, loose clothing, which often creates additional pounds where we don’t want them to. Instead, she chooses bold colors and classic styles to reflect a professional polish whenever she makes a promotional appearance.

She knows how to highlight her assets. As a fan of below the knee skirts, Rebel knows that bringing attention to shapely calves and smaller ankles will help give her an overall slimmer look. Neutral-colored shoes also elongate her legs, which she uses for many of her looks. Although black is a flattering shade, she isn't afraid of color and knows which hues work for her.

She tailors her clothes to her body and not vice-versa. For her tops and blazers, she pays close attention to the fit. Tailored jackets make all the difference in the world. If it's too tight around the arms, it can be unappealing and if it's too short, it can make a torso disappear. Also, by wearing slightly longer blazers, it helps to camouflage wider hips.

She is comfortable in her own skin. I am a fan of her style because she dresses for the everyday girl. Her wardrobe choices include staples that any closet should have, but she also injects her own style into her outfits. She is never over-the-top, never over-accessorized or trying too hard. Duplicating her look can be very affordable and while often she is portrayed as a silly sidekick in the movies, her real life look reflects a truly chic style.

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Loved her in Bridesmaids LOL "We would like to invite you to no longer live
with us anymore"
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She is so funny! I like her :) Love the blazer with the skirt...very chic. This comment has been removed.
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