Rashida Jones Makeup

Rashida Jones Makeup

How to Style Your Makeup Like Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones Makeup
Rashida Jones has that enviable girl-next-door quality (perhaps it has something to do with that innocent smirk and the freckles on her nose?). But make no mistake: this is a woman who knows how to glam up when the occasion calls for it. Herein, a few tips for doing Rashida Jones-inspired makeup. You can also try on her makeup in our virtual makeup studio.

Score a flawless complexion by applying sheer foundation with a foundation brush and blending it well with a sponge. Mist your face with an Evian spray bottle to set it and give your skin a dewy look.

Dab on a bit of rosy cream blush using your fingertips and apply highlighter cream to your cheeks. This Rashida Jones makeup trick "opens up" a small face. Use a brown pencil eyeliner to draw freckles on your nose like Rashida Jones. Set with translucent powder.

Call attention to smiling eyes by lining them with a black pencil or liquid liner and smudging it for a softer look. Individual false lashes should be applied to the outer corners of each eye to elongate their appearance. --Stephanie Simons


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Awesome. thanks for the input :) --makeup noob (lol) This comment has been removed.
Lol her lipstick kind of looks like its fading out haha. Personal tip that I use to prevent this: line the lips INTO the corners of the mouth to make sure that the lipstick adheres and stays on. Apply your lipstick with a lip brush for precision. This way, your lip color won't budge! This comment has been removed.
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