most shocking celeb before and after

Most Shocking Celeb Before and After

Everyone Grows Up but Look at These Before and Afters.

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'amielasgotswag' gave me an idea to produce a before and after artical. she wrote bout miley cyrus's changing. so i want to give more examples. look at piture 1. Can you guess who it is? turn over now... its taylor mommson... i know what ur thinking... wow!!! next picture see if u can guess this.... turn to the next picture... its rhianna as a little girl. moving on. next picture please.who could this sweet, little girl be?...its obviously lindsy lohan... what?! look at how shes changed. next picture is a hard one. who is this little baby?... it could only be (turn over)... AVRIL LAVIGNE (my favourite singer) but what a diffrence.further more, who is this little sweetheart in a pink t-shirt?... lets find out turn over to see its... demi lovarto. finally they biggest change of them all. i think u recognise this little girl. know as the main character of hannah montana. an inspiration to little kids (including me when i was younger). but look at what she became. its soo traumatising. want more watch the video video

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