Lindsay Lohan Makeup and Hair

Lindsay Lohan Makeup and Hair

How to Do Your Hair and Makeup Like Lindsay Lohan

Love her or hate her, there is no denying that Lindsay Lohan knows how to make an entrance on the red carpet. The Hollywood starlet recently stepped out with long, styled locks, mod cat eyes, and a plump coral pout. Read on for details on how you can steal the look for yourself.

A natural-finish, tinted moisturizer keeps Lindsay’s complexion looking fresh. Replicate her look by finding an oil-free, dewy-finish formula that matches your own skin tone perfectly. To apply, simply squeeze some product onto your hands and smooth onto the face, until all you are left with is glowing radiance.

For a mod eye look, begin by applying a cream-colored, matte eye shadow or pigment from the lash line to crease, patting the color onto the lid instead of blending. This will ensure maximum color impact. Next, curl the lashes and apply a pair of fanned false lashes with longer-than-usual ends. This will give the eyes an elongated look, without the use of any eyeliner. Last but not least, use your mascara wand to brush your own lashes into the falsies, for a gorgeous flutter that looks all-natural.

Lindsay's coral-pink pout is the perfect mix of fun and sophistication, and it plays well with the rest of the color scheme that she has got going on. Mimic her look by finding a full-cover cream formula in a similar shade. Apply it straight from the tube for a high-impact hue. Blot your lips lightly with a tissue, to ensure that the color doesn't end up in places that it doesn't belong.

Back to being a redhead, Lindsay keeps it simple with a long, softly curled hairstyle. Begin by blow drying sectioned hair, focusing on keeping the crown of the head as flat as possible. Part hair straight down the middle and section off once more, using a medium-barreled curling iron to create soft, spiraling curls. Set with hairspray to ensure that curls stay put, and apply a hint of shine spray to get hair that looks healthy and full of life.

What do you think of Lindsay’s red-carpet look?

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I think her hair looks good here and her skin looks a bit healthier, because it's usually overly tanned. This comment has been removed.
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