Lindsay Lohan Makes Her Onscreen Debut as Elizabeth…

Lindsay Lohan Makes Her Onscreen Debut as Elizabeth Taylor
Lindsay Lohan will be appearing in an upcoming Lifetime movie as the iconic Elizabeth Taylor. While the troubled, redhead celebrity might not seem like the obvious choice, the movie has tried to transform her to achieve Liz Taylor’s signature look.

Ebony hair. During her romantic times with Richard Burton, her hair was dark, glossy and shoulder length. The perky flipped curls added glamour to her length to make her the ultimate and original Real Housewife.

Violet eyes. One of her most famous facial features was her violet eyes. Of course, Lindsay had to wear contacts to match Liz Taylor’s sparkly peepers because it wouldn’t be authentic without the unusual but brilliant color of her eyes.

Red lips. Elizabeth Taylor had a natural alluring appeal and was charismatic both onscreen and off. Her deep red lips were just an added part of her glamourous arsenal that showed that she was a star.

Cat eyeliner. She had a very dramatic personality and went for this same drama with her makeup. She lined her eyes with black, liquid liner to complement her beautiful eyes. She was not one to be subtle; she applied makeup that was meant to be seen and appreciated.

Diamonds. The woman loved her diamonds and was typically photographed dripping in them. She showed women how diamonds can be both a girl’s best friend and one heck of a glitzy accessory.

Will Lindsay Lohan be able to live up to this iconic Hollywood star’s look? Most likely not, but when it comes to makeup and wardrobe to emulate Elizabeth Taylor, it has to be classy, feminine, sexy, and bold. In her movie prime, her screen presence made her Hollywood royalty and her attention to beauty and fashion is something that will resonate with women for years.

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