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Kendall &Amp; Kylie Jenner Debut Clothing Line for PacSun
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I was walking through the mall the other day when I noticed the window display of PacSun. It was showcasing Kendall & Kylie Jenner’s new clothing line. The younger sisters must’ve learned a thing or two from the older sisters about fashion and have shown it here with their debut collection.

Personally, Kendall (the older of the Jenner sisters) has my favorite style of the two and so even if the clothes might be a bit young for me, I thought I’d still take a look. The clothes embrace Southern California teenage style. The laid-back vibe especially the cutoff and tie-dyed jeans skirts and shorts, are perfect for the beach or an outdoor BBQ. But items like the green army shirt and black dress are appropriate for many age groups and give the clothing line a bit of sophistication to an otherwise youthful collection.

I like that the girls are experimenting with their style and you can tell they still have some hits and misses, but it would be odd if they were perfectly styled all the time. They’re still kids - kids who have access to fantastic clothing and accessories - but young girls nonetheless. I think right now they are just having fun trying to find their own tastes and which fashion risks to take.

The pieces aren’t necessarily for me, but it is one that can be adaptable for many wardrobes. PIeces like the high-low cobalt blue skirt and yellow fringe, sleeveless shirt are the kind of pieces that can stand on their own. They can be paired with simple staples in most closets. Fortunately, the price point stays closer to that of Forever 21 and not high end couture, and the ways the girls are modeling the looks can give the younger audience a feel for how to wear the pieces.

What do you think about Kendall and Kylie joining their sisters by creating their own clothing line?

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They both have a great sense of style! I love their youthful boho looks
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