Keira Knightley Makeup and Hair

Keira Knightley Makeup and Hair

How to Do Your Hair and Makeup Like Keira Knightley

With her perfectly olive skin and exceptional cheekbones, British beauty Keira Knightley is a standout amongst her peers. The actress possesses a natural grace and wit that only serve to enhance her good looks. Keep reading to learn how you can get this starlet’s youthful and polished look for yourself.

For a flawless complexion look like Keira’s, begin by applying an oil-controlling primer to the entire face, followed by a matte-finish liquid foundation. Use a big, fluffy brush to apply a pressed powder foundation, which will set the makeup and create a soft, seamless surface.

Sultry, smoldering eyes are easy to achieve. All you need is a bit of deep-black kohl eyeliner, a lash curler, and a great pair of false lashes. First, smudge the kohl liner along the lower lash line. You can smudge as much or as little as you like, until you reach the desired effect. Next, curl the lashes and then apply a pair of full, false eyelashes. Use a curling mascara to blend your natural lashes into the false ones. Be sure to apply mascara to the lower lashes as well.
Use a lip brush to create a pretty, perky pout. Select a peachy-pink lipstick shade and swipe the brush across it to pick up product. Use the brush to outline the lips before filling them in. Finish with a bit of lip balm applied to the center of your lips.

Keira’s short, sable locks are styled in soft, touchable waves. To get a similar hairdo, blow dry slightly damp hair using a wide paddle brush and a hair dryer with a concentrated nozzle. Brush through your hair in long strokes as you dry. Create a deep side part, and then use a wide-barreled curling iron to wave small sections of hair. Mist with a shine spray to make strands appear extra glossy.

Are you a fan of Keira’s casual, carefree waves?

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