Kate Middleton Makes Waves with Alexander McQueen…

Kate Middleton Makes Waves With Alexander McQueen Sweater Dress

Pretty, Pretty Princess

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Princess Kate is one of my favorites to watch in the fashion world. She wears elegant attire by great designers and presents herself with style and grace. Her typical style includes sweeping gowns for grand events alongside husband Prince William or riding boots and country chic style for more relaxed events. But no matter what the occasion, the Duchess of Cambridge wears clothes are always well-tailored, flattering and showcases her impeccable taste. Plus, who else can pull off all of those hats in the way she does?

Recently, she caught a little bit of flak for her fashion choice at Wimbledon. She wore Alexander McQueen’s sailor-twist sweater dress. The navy blue and white nautical dress coincided with her normal fashion point of view; it was simple, stylish and it made quite the stir. Not all of her fashion choices sit well with critics and bloggers, but she always looks so comfortable in her own skin that she looks fabulous no matter what she is wearing. Her lean frame is the perfect model for several fashions and design houses, and she wears Alexander McQueen quite often.

The sweater dress with its three quarters length sleeves and a flared skirt to the knee was a warmer choice to what was described as a chillier day. Her hair was loose in soft curls and her makeup was very natural and pretty. It was exactly the classy look that you would expect from young royalty at a sports event as big as Wimbledon and I thought she looked fantastic. Do you agree?

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@vbeauty Seriously. I mean I'm sure she has "handlers" but she looks fantastic all the time. This comment has been removed.
She's always styled to perfection! How does she do it?? This comment has been removed.
I agree....she looked cute and classy! This comment has been removed.
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