Kate Hudson Brings Her Cool, Laid-Back Style to…

Kate Hudson Brings Her Cool, Laid-Back Style to &Quot;glee"
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After watching the first two episodes of this season of “Glee,” I have to say that adding Kate Hudson in a guest spot was genius. She is glorious as Rachel Berry’s (Lea Michele) ex-Broadway star dance teacher. She is cool and effervescent and looks like she’s having so much fun at the show’s premiere.

With neutral makeup and an easygoing updo, she is the bohemian girl we all love. But her trendy take on a tuxedo really ups the style factor. Her black and white ensemble mixes masculine and feminine elements for a fresh look. The black bodysuit worn underneath her stark white jacket, paired with racing stripe paints is a the perfect sexy touch for an overall classy look.

On the show, she wears mainly leotards and dance wear, but her body has never looked stronger. She is naturally thin, but she does seem to have a “dancer” body for this role. I read in October's Bazaar that she has a dance studio in her house where she practices four days a week.

One of Kate’s best features is her hair. Even though she went carefree for the “Glee” premiere by wearing it in a high hairdo, her hair on the show has been worn down letting her beautiful blonde waves increase her allure. (There is a trick to achieving soft curls. I posted an article earlier this week about it.)

I don’t know if Kate is scheduled to appear for the entire season, but I hope she sticks around for awhile. She comes from good genes and can always rely on her naturally good looks to be a star, but she really shines in this role on “Glee.”

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@vbeauty Yeah, who knew? She seems like such a natural on the show. This comment has been removed.
Wow never knew she was a dancer! I just got my Oct Bazaar. Can't wait to read now! This comment has been removed.
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