'Jersey Shore' Girls Show How Brunettes…

'Jersey Shore' Girls Show How Brunettes Have More Fun

Saying Good-Bye to 'Jersey Shore' For Its Final Season

Hello there fellow fist pumpers! This October will be the final season of “Jersey Shore.” Now that Snooki has a baby and the ever indecisive Sammi still can't decide if she loves or hates Ronni - she does, she doesn't, she does - it is definitely time to hang it up. People love to hate (or hate to love) this train wreck, but there’s no denying that the cast has made an impact on pop culture for the past couple of years.

With their big hair, bronzed skin and skimpy, skin baring outfits, you might think that they have just been one continuous fashion and beauty Don’t. But, if you look on the bright side, you can see what tips we can take from these self-proclaimed guidettes.

Bigger and better hair. Snooki put the sky high pouf back on the map making it a trend around the nation. She says she didn’t use anything but a hair clip and tons of hair spray to get it that high, but those emulating her style often resorted to the Bump It. Girly girl Sammi has been known for her pin straight, long, glossy locks and all four girls rocked the teased look for their brunette locks showing off their East Coast roots.

Tanning. You can’t mention “Jersey Shore” without thinking of tanning and this cast did tan like we’ve never seen. They were dedicated to their brown - sometimes orange - skin and were proud to not be pasty white. Too much time in the tanning bed isn’t a good idea, but self-tanner and bronzers have been flying off the shelves over the past few summers. We can't get enough of that golden glow!

Daring fashion attitudes. JWOWW, Snooki, Sammi and Deena definitely bared it all or at least most of it whenever they got ready for a night out. The outfits aren’t something I’d immediately add to my wardrobe, but their confidence is. Whatever they wore, they made sure to leave the house feeling 100% and to have that kind of fashion sass even in cringeworthy outfits is the kind of self-confidence we all should have.

It's not so much of a stretch to see the beauty and fashion benefits that the ladies of “Jersey Shore” have brought to us. They are all beautiful, boisterous girls whom I have enjoyed watching and hope they will continue to shock us with their style.

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