Heidi Klum Makeup

Heidi Klum Makeup

How to Do Your Makeup Like Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Makeup
Sharp-dressed übermodel Heidi Klum is a product of fine German engineering, which is precisely how she found herself doing commercials for Volkswagon. Although we hate to admit it, we've been known to tune in to Project Runway just to hear her introduce "Nina Gawcia" and to see her current hairstyle and makeup choices. We've got copying Heidi Klum's makeup down to a science. Here's how to rock a runway-inspired look that's perfect for evening or special events. You can try on Heidi Klum makeup in our virtual makeup studio.

Score a picture-perfect canvas to rival Heidi Klum by applying foundation with a brush, which gives a sheer veil of coverage that looks airbrushed (and goes virtually undetected by the naked eye when blended with a makeup sponge).

Heidi gets her subtle glow with peachy shades of blush. To copy her sun-kissed supermodel look, apply bronzer only to the outer portion of the face, using it to ever-so-softly to contour the cheeks (sweep it under the cheekbones) and to add a bit of color to the outer edges of the forehead. You can slenderize a wide nose by applying pearlized highlighter, in liquid or powder form, down the bridge of your nose. The same trick can be done in between the breasts to create the illustion of cleavage on dark skin. Create cleavage by sweeping bronzer in between your breasts if you are fair-skinned.

Never one to shy away from an intensely smoky eye, Heidi's golden coloring is complemented with deep green shadows that run the gamut from olive to emerald (her favorite hues). Color instantly puts a fresh twist on a smoky eye, although standard black, as shown here, looks sinfully sexy and oh-so Victoria's Secret . Layer your eyeliner to give it intensity and staying power.

Balance dark, smoky eye makeup with nude lips for a look that is unmistakably Heidi Klum. Skip the lipliner (too contrived) and dab a shimmery gold eyeshadow in the center of your lower lip, followed by a touch of shimmery nude gloss. This little trick makes lips look irresistibly pouty.--Stephanie Simons


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Her eyebrows are really light so that you can barely see them. Not many people can pull that off, and it definitely looks unique on models with good bone structure. This comment has been removed.
Her hair looks amazing too!! We need an article on her hair as well :D This comment has been removed.
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