Fashion Lessons Learned from Jennifer Lopez

Fashion Lessons Learned From Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo Is Always in the Style Know

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J. Lo is one of my style icons. Not only is she gorgeous, but she is fearless when it comes to beauty and fashion and that is important. Sure there are things that I wouldn’t dare to wear - sparkly, nude, one-piece, perhaps - but she always makes sure to look amazing and dressed with purpose. Whether or not you’re a fan of J. Lo’s superstar style, you can always pick up a few tips from her when it comes to perfecting your own.

Make bold choices. No one can ever forget the down-to-there green Versace gown she wore the Grammy’s circa her Puff Daddy dating era. The styling was perfection. It was definitely a tricky dress to pull off, but combine her bronzed skin and toned body and she was the perfect choice for such a daring outfit. She stood up straight, smiled directly into the cameras and had what every woman should have when wanting to look stylish and feel beautiful: confidence.

Show off your assets. Different parts of J. Lo’s body have been under scrutiny at various times, but one of her best assets is her fabulous legs and she loves to show them off. It’s not about how much skin you can show, but about being strategic in how you show it. She will wear high-slit dresses, minis or short shorts and wedges, but doesn’t overdo it on the bareness barometer. Choose a body part that you love and wear clothes that highlight that feature.

Brush off fashion faux pas. While J. Lo is hands down a stunner, she is by no means perfect, which means that once in a blue moon there will be a fashion mishap. However, when this happens, own it just as she does. This is how you learn what works on your body versus just following trends. It also allows your style to evolve which is one of the best things about fashion. Don’t be afraid to take fashion risks, even if you might cringe at them later.

Have fun with fashion a la Ms. Lopez! Which of her looks have been your favorites throughout the years?

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