Fashion Hits and Misses from the Twilight Premieres

Fashion Hits and Misses From the Twilight Premieres

Fashion Looks From Twilight's Leading Ladies

Ashley greene
dakota fanning
In case you’ve been living under a rock, Twilight’s final movie installment debuted in theatres yesterday. But for days leading up to the mass release, the ladies of Twilight have been walking the red carpet in a variety of fashion-forward outfits. While the movie has reached its final ending, the fashion from its stars will continue to carry on.

Kristen Stewart cements her final stamp as Bella in this final Twilight movie. In one of her many press appearances, she shows up looking golden (quite literally) in a floor-length, gold sequined gown with a thigh high slit. Her risque look is not uncommon for Kristen who varies between high end glamour and low key punk rock. Her black strappy sandals aren’t the best choice for such a dress, but they do portray more of the style we often see from her.

Ashley Greene looks beautiful in an artistic looking navy blue gown. From the scalloped corset to the long silk skirt, this navy creation is truly an original. Since it is strapless, she is able to show off her healthy, glowing skin and she smartly keeps her hair simple in a blown back, low-key hairstyle.

Nikki Reed goes for a mix and match look for her premiere appearance. While the navy and white color combination works, the different styles of both her top and bottom to create one dress do not. The beaded, fringed bodice matched with a side-ruffled long skirt is kind of dowdy for the young star. A more fitted top or one solid color scheme would have created a more sophisticated, chic look.

Dakota Fanning keeps up with the peplum trend in a light coral color that is feminine and pretty. However, she does some strange pairing with a thin, studded black belt and black heels which weighs down the look. I think a nude shoe and no belt would have been a better choice. The stark contrast here simply doesn’t work for me.

Have you seen the newest Twilight? Who do you think has looked best on the red carpet?

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Nikki and Ashley got it right! This comment has been removed.
I think Kristen looks stunning in the gold, sequin dress. Definitely my fave. For Dakota, the dress is cute, but not for the red carpet. She could have done better. On another note: Did you see Breaking Dawn 2? The ending was beautiful and I totally want to see more of those actors/actresses in the future. This comment has been removed.
@vamp1967 I went to theatre last night to see Skyfall and it was crazy packs with Twilight fans! :) This comment has been removed.
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