Fashion Eyes on New X Factor Judges Britney Spears…

Fashion Eyes on New X Factor Judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato

Britney Spears and Demi Lovato Change Their Looks Through the Years

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Everyone is anticipating the debut of X Factor’s newest additions, Demi Lovato and Britney Spears, who will both be judges for Season 2. Both have been Disney stars turned pop singers who have shared their amount of troubles in the media spotlight. But both Demi and Britney have also shown us how they’ve evolved in the fashion world and we're anxiously waiting to see what they'll wear next!

Britney started out bubblegum sweet at the beginning of her music career. Her style was tomboy cute, which quickly turned into over-the-top sexy as she stumbled through trying to find her own style. In the early years, she started with skimpy outfits, baring her belly whenever possible. During a rough patch, her style took a plunge with platform flip flops, ratty t-shirts and short shorts. But after some years mellowing herself out, becoming a mommy and trying to emerge once more as the pop princess that everyone loved, she is beginning to show signs of maturing style.

More importantly as shown by one of her latest looks, a figure flattering, red dress, Britney looks happy. The v-neck plunge is appropriate for the length of the dress and the vibrant color reflects her current spirits. Her blonde, curly locks are left loose and carefree and her makeup is beautifully simple. If you flip through her looks from the past decade, you can see the highs and lows of both her career and personal life. Her sunny, Southern disposition should be interesting voice on this panel of judges.

Demi Lovato has only recently become a staple in mainstream fashion. After an infamous entrance into rehab, this young star emerged revived and ready to go. In earlier days, she kept with raven black, pretty tresses and soft hues of pink on her cheeks and lips. Her style has gone from fun, laid-back teen to risk taking young adult. Her transformation at times makes her unrecognizable because her looks are so different. Her blonde hair and bronzed skin really changes her overall appearance and her fashion choices show that she is starting to experiment more with her wardrobe. Her time in the spotlight should help her be an objective judge.

Who knows if Britney will transform her look once more, but for now I think she’s looking the best she has in years. As for Demi, I think she is in the middle of finding her personal style and not yet as comfortable in her own skin, so we might be in for some real fashion shockers. Either way the girls have surpassed their fashion and beauty mistakes with style and grace. They will continue to intrigue fans who will have their eyes glued to the TV set when X Factor starts Season 2 on September 12th.

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I don't watch these types of shows, but seeing that Brit and Demi were going to be judges def makes me wanna watch! Good job Simon Cowell. This comment has been removed.
Good for Britney.....she's looking so much better! Great in her red dress! This comment has been removed.
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