Eva Mendes Teams Up with New York & Company for…

Eva Mendes Teams Up With New York &Amp; Company for Fashion Line
Eva Mendes (as in celebrity who dates Ryan Gosling!) is collaborating with New York & Company to design a line called fittingly - Eva by Eva Mendes. I’m not sure what to think about this decision quite yet, but I am intrigued as to if Eva will incorporate her plunging necklines and body-hugging styles into the fashion choices.

New York & Company follows a certain kind of style that includes functional work clothes, garden-party type dresses and versatile accessories, but over-the-top trend it is not. It will be interesting to see if she will be conforming to this brand or if she is trying to change it around to give it a boost.

For red carpet events, she does work up her sex appeal, but for casual wear Eva does dress a little more boho chic which will be an interesting twist. She is also a fan of prints and bold colors and can run the spectrum from truly sophisticated and ladylike to glamorous beauty. I wonder which parts of her style she will pull in to be reflected in this line. The date of collection debut isn’t set yet (that I’ve seen) but I will keep it on my radar to see if the next celebrity collaboration will be a success.

What do you think? What are your expectations, if any, of a line from Eva Mendes?

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I love her style! I hope it's good This comment has been removed.
Hmmm, reminds me of another J.Lo line? I think the only celebrity that has gone super big with fashion is Jessica Simpson....and Lauren Conrad is pretty good too. Not sure about Eva's line? Thanks for sharing, I didn't know about this! This comment has been removed.
i dont know sometimes i like her style most of the time not.. not like other celebrities that whatever they wear i would love to wear too hmm.maybe im not a big fan of her This comment has been removed.
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