Eva Longoria Makeup

Eva Longoria Makeup

How to Do Your Makeup Like Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Makeup
Nothing about Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria is understated. Let's forget about getting the body for a moment, and concentrate on getting her makeup (a much easier task if we do say so).

Eva's lashes? So faux. But enviable, nonetheless. Opt for individual false lashes instead of full strips, which can weigh your eyelids down. Apply three to six lashes at the outer corners of each eye to temporarily "elongate" them. Use a black eye pencil to draw a fine line along the inside edge of the upper and lower lash lines. Sweep a gray shadow from lid to crease.

Don’t skip blush and bronzer, as these are the keys to getting Eva Longoria’s sexy bronzed look. Sweep powder bronzer on the forehead, bridge of the nose and cheeks, to mimic the glow you get when the sun hits your face. Apply a dusty rose powder blusher to the cheekbones.

Outline your pout with a lip liner that is slightly darker than your natural lip color, then blend with a lip brush. Dab on a brick-colored lipstick, followed by a caramel lip gloss using a lip brush for precision, then go hire the cutest gardener in the Yellow pages.--Stephanie Simons

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