Emily Blunt Makeup

Emily Blunt Makeup

How to Do Your Makeup Like Emily Blunt

Always the picture of porcelain beauty, Emily Blunt recently stepped out on the town putting her best face forward. From her intensely lined navy eyes, to her glowing skin and hair, Emily shows you exactly how to exude elegance and glamor on the red carpet. Find out how to get the look for yourself.

Emily’s intense stare takes center stage in this look. Begin by using a primer on the lids, and then applying a layer of shimmering white, beige, or pale-pink eye shadow. Then, grab your favorite black cream liner—the darker the better—and proceed to line both the inner rim of your upper lash line (also known as the tightline) and your waterline. Take care not to stray from the inside rims, as a clean line is part of the look.

The next step is to add some color to the eyes. Grab a water-resistant eye pencil in a navy or cobalt hue and line the upper eyelid, staying as close to the lash line as possible. Also apply the liner directly underneath the black liner along the lower lash line. Using a shade other than black helps make your eyes look brighter; meanwhile, the black liner on the inner rims ensures that the eyes are well-defined. A win-win, for sure!

Finish the eyes by applying three coats of mascara, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. Use a volumizing formula to get Emily’s full fringe. Dab a bit of brow gel on unruly eyebrows, and smooth in place with a comb.

To achieve perfectly flawless skin, start by applying a primer to the face, creating a smooth surface for your products to adhere to. Follow that with a sheer tinted moisturizer, which will give a nice, even glow. A hint of cool, pink blush adds just the right amount of color to the face. Complete the look with a pop of sheer, petal-pink color on the lips.

Emily’s short, smooth strands kept her look polished and fuss-free. To get this slightly tousled bob blowout, apply an anti-frizz cream to semi-damp hair. Blow dry your hair in sections, starting with the bottom layers, and working your way around the head, until you are left with a sleek mane that is sure to spark some serious hair envy.

What do you think of Emily’s look? Are you a fan of her brilliantly blue liner?

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