duchess of camebridge, kate middletone fashion!!

Duchess of Camebridge, Kate Middletone Fashion!!

Married on 28th April to Prince William in 2011 Now a Mother to Baby Prince George in 2013.


Catherine Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor, or kate for short, is one beautiful fashion icon. I was tempted to write about her as firstly i am british and she is inspirational to many british citizens. Secondly the big headline of the royal baby, prince George has just overwelmed many people. Kate will make an outstanding mother but lets look back at her amazing fashion taste. i also added a video to the bottom for all you kate fans, top 10 facts about kate middleton.

her most recent infamous apearance was the scene outside hospital after giving birth, so where better to start than here. Where she is wearing the traditional blue colour to symbolise that she had a baby boy. you can also see that her husband William is also wearing blue.But I must say that baby is Mega cute. He is rocking that white blanket. Before Kate emerged from that hospital door she was prepared by her stylist and might I say they did a good job with her.the simplicity of the scene was what was so brilliant about it, even so, when they were broadcasted their every move was recorded in every detail, so looks wereally quite importamy. I wish Kate and William the best for their new parent roles.

Moving on because this is about kate and her great fashion.In picture two you can see three beautiful dresses that are very similar. They are covering and enhancing her at the same time that is what I like the most about favourite is the sea blue one as it makes her stand out and it doesn't blind you.also If you notice here hair styles are very pretty, the hat in the second outfit realy suits her. moving on to pic three where she is wearing the same shoes but for diffrent outfits. outfit one is my favourite as it looks warm and sunny. But the outfit that suits the shoes most is definetly outfit two.Number three is very elegant and formal. she does look very fairytale princess though!

The stunning coat kate is wearing in picture five is very mature and very goergess. i would love one of those, its a military style coat, in a biege colour. the black belt is contrasted and overall it looks smart, yet casual.

In addiion, kates choice of style in picture 6 is suited to the occation, here she is going to a friends wedding. here outfit makes her look stunning but not too stunning, she wouldn't want to up stage the bride now would she. her dress isn't a designer notice that here black blazer, matching purse and shoes are outlined and match the polka dots, this feature is very beautifu won't you agree?
On the other hand however in picture 7, its a diffrent story. This lilac chiffon gown was worn by her for the BAFTA Brits to Watch the event. she looks like a true princess.she attended with her husband the duke of camebridge, william. the dress isn't covered in jewells and it is simply amazing. the purse is quite glamarous though,since it is a big night and she doesn't wish to disapoint.her hair is styled in curls that drop down and as she walks the wind just pashes it gently.

2012 was a big year for britian, we hosted the olympics and it was our queens diamond jubilee. ON the diamond jubilee, kates dress was (as shown in picture 8) bright red, she wore a beautiful head piece and a scottish checkered purse. it was a royal colour. And most of all she nailed the outfit. It was so elegent, yet so fun. But 2012 probably wasn't kates special year. Kate stud out to the world on her wedding day.

Eyes of the world watching around their televisions. The royal wedding in 2011 was a very exciting time. billions of people waiting to see the brides dress for the first time. And kate didn't disapoint us. she wore a traditional white dress with laced sleaves. No embroidry just material paterning. with a middle sized train.Doesn't she look happy? (picture 9).

However the signiture item that kate posesses is... her blue saphire engagment ring that belonged to williams mother Diana.she wears it all the time and it is very beautiful. it is seen in picture 10 .

I'll allow you to look at the hair styles and make your own judgement i particularly like picture 11's hair style as it brings out here face and it is very elegent.

please share this artical if you liked it. please comment and check out my 2013 summer fashion artical. hope you enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it.

love lipgloss magicgirl.

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