Dark Lips

Dark Lips

Summer Beauty Trend

Recently, celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kate Bosworth have been photographed on the red carpet with crimson dark lips. Typically, a lip color as gloomy as this would be left to colder seasons such as fall and winter. However, there are no rules in beauty anymore. If you have warm undertones, you can wear cool colors and vice versa. Plus, thanks to the worldwide web, the public can view the makeup and hair looks straight off the runway months before their fabric counterparts even arrive in department stores. So who’s to say we can’t wear those beauty trends and practice before they “come into season”. Let’s face it. Beauty is timeless. While a bronzed face will always be lovely during sunnier times, it’s actually fresh and unexpected to see a beautiful dark lip this early in the game. In fact, I actually appreciate these celebrities taking such a risk as well. So, I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Is this look too dark for summer, or do you think that it’s dramatic and gorgeous?

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@Stephcr Not usually a lipstick-wearer myself, but it makes sense to use this as a beauty focal point and leave the rest of the makeup more natural. Kinda my style :) This comment has been removed.
Looks stunning on these ladies! This comment has been removed.
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