Christina Ricci Makeup and Hair

Christina Ricci Makeup and Hair

How to Do Your Hair and Makeup Like Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci began her career in Hollywood at a young age, and has developed a fantastic sense of style to go along with her acting chops. A master of reinvention, Christina isn’t afraid to take risks with her appearance. Here is how you can channel your inner glamor girl and get this stunning look for yourself.

What makes this look a standout is Christina’s bronzed appearance. Use a self-tanner to achieve a similar sun-kissed look. Always plan your faux tan well in advance of a major event, and make sure to read and follow all directions carefully. This way, you will be a golden, streak-free goddess the day of your special occasion.

Christina has big, gorgeous eyes that she accentuated with gold and green shadows. To get the look, first prep the lids with an eye shadow primer. Next, grab a shimmering-gold, metallic, pressed shadow, and gently pat onto the eyelids from the inner corner to the center of the lids. Select an olive or emerald eye shadow and gently blend into the outer corner and crease of the eye, using a windshield wiper motion. Lightly apply the green shadow underneath the lower lash line as well. Finish the eyes by curling the lashes and applying two coats of your favorite mascara.

The actress has an enviable complexion that is close to flawless, with great color. All that’s needed here is a hint of tinted moisturizer (NARS makes an AMAZING one), applied from forehead to chin, and blended into the neck. A dab of bronze, cream blush (such as the NARS Multiple in Laguna) will leave your skin looking amazing.

Give your lips the glossy treatment with an application of sheer, high-shine gloss in a rose color. Blend a golden gloss on top for added shine.

Christina’s hairdo is chic and effortless. Begin by prepping semi-damp hair with an anti-frizz cream, and proceed to blow dry hair in sections until your mane is completely dry. Use a one-inch flat iron, set to maximum heat, to straighten hair. Iron hair in one or two-inch sections, until your entire length of hair is straight as a pin. Blow dry bangs flat and do a final run through them with the flat iron. Mist hair with a shine spray to get extra-glossy strands.

What do you think of Christina’s sleek and polished look?

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Such a change of pace for Christina. I love it! This comment has been removed.
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She looks great with a little color. She usually looks so pale. I love this look on here. Very sleek! This comment has been removed.
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She looks darling with bangs! Her skin looks amazing! I've been using the NARS Tinted Moisturizer too and it does make the skin look dewy, I love it! This comment has been removed.
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