Celebs Get Creative with Dress Cutouts

Celebs Get Creative With Dress Cutouts

Anne, Selena, and Katy Show Off Hollywood's Latest Fashion Trend

There's a trend popping up in Hollywood and it shows that less can be more. Celebrities likes Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry are focusing their fashion creativity towards cool cutout dresses. The great thing about the trend is that no two designs are alike. You can choose which part of the dress has the cutout and how much skin you'd like to show.

Anne Hathaway looks fashion forward in her cutout dress that carries a lot of texture. The full skirt offsets the cutout top that has a deep keyhole center that looks couture and classy because it doesn't reveal too much. Her short, pixie cut and flawless skin are the perfect canvas for this modern style of dress. She goes simple on makeup and accessories, but shows that black does not mean boring.

Selena Gomez is a showstopper in her beaded, backless gown. The jeweled lining and longer train of the dress add extra glamour to the young star's beautiful look. By keeping covered up in the front and allowing the cutouts to be only in the back, she makes sure she is a fashion statement both coming and going. Selena has excellent style and always impresses with her ahead-of-the-trend fashion eye.

Katy Perry's fashions picks fall more on the eccentric side but she managed to embody the popular cutout trend and make it her own. Her midnight blue dress looks like when you cut snowflakes out of paper, but with added sheer sleeves. To improve on this look, the dress should be sans sleeves and Katy should've chosen a better undergarment than stark white. Also, a bright hued belt would've have both broken up the busier look and also been a bold statement towards her quirkier style.

Are you a fan of the cutout trend? Which celeb do you think wore it best?

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Yes, I like the cutout trend. I like Selena's dress and Katy's suits her too. Not crazy about Ann's dress...might be too unflattering on her. I don't like the middle cutout. This comment has been removed.
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