Celebrity Style Spotlight: Rihanna’s…

Celebrity Style Spotlight: Rihanna’s Risk-Taking Fashion

Rihanna Designs for River Island March 2013

Rihanna is a superstar in both the music and fashion scene, often appearing in headline-worthy looks. She has decided to contribute more to the latter with her announcement to design a collection for London-based brand River Island. While details of the collection haven’t been confirmed (and perhaps not even created yet!), we can only guess from her past fashion choices, what the line might include.

One of my favorite looks this year so far was Rihanna at the Grammys. She looked amazing in a striking and sleek, black floor-length dress. The deep v-neck plunge and wild, bleached blonde hair really added that edge that she is known for. Her ability to balance sophistication and sexiness is something that every woman tries to achieve.

Rihanna is definitely one to embrace and push the trends. When the trend of the year is neon, she will show up wearing it in an expected way - a neon yellow, saloon-style gown. She has never been one to be afraid to wear color and by taking such strong risks with fashion, she has become one to watch on red carpets as well as the streets.

Her choices are usually out there, but she can also look subtly sensual as well. Deep jewel tones look good against her mocha-colored skin. Shades like ruby and jade really set off her flawless complexion, and her makeup and hairstyles are always changing. One minute she’s Kool-Aid red with her hair and dramatic, liquid eyeliner and the next she has her hair shaved short and natural, softer makeup. She is a beauty and fashion chameleon and changes looks every day.

While I’m not always a fan of the way she dresses, I can’t deny the fact that I’m intrigued by her style. If her 2013 fashion collaboration is anything like her personal style, then it’s to be a wild one for sure!

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