Celebrity Style Spotlight: Nicole Richie

Celebrity Style Spotlight: Nicole Richie

Get Nicole's Low-Key Locks and Gorgeous Glow

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Nicole Richie, who was a celebrity judge on this year’s Fashion Star and runs her own successful accessories line, House of Harlow 1960, sure has come a long way since The Simple Life (remember that show?). Her style is California cool mixed with hippie chic, which makes duplicating her look easy and affordable. From her wispy bangs and flawless makeup to her trendy threads and cool accessories, you can capture the look of this L.A. lovely in a few, easy steps.

Hair: Nicole has been known for everything from simple top knots to mermaid-esque waves.
Her honey blonde locks and side-swept bangs are an easy style to uphold if you visit your hairstylist to trim your split ends about every six weeks. Between visits, keep your hair well-maintained by weekly deep conditioning and a styling cream or spritz for a light sheen on your locks during the day. If you flat iron your hair daily, make sure to apply a heat-protectant prior to doing so to keep hair from being dried out and damaged.

Makeup: She keeps her skin in healthy condition and is often seen wearing hats, which is a smart move to keep rays off her skin. Leathered, worn skin is the quickest way to age you. A good moisturizer preferably with SPF is one of the key products to carry to keep skin protected. Make sure to always have a travel-sized bottle on hand to reapply as necessary. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. And, remember bronzer is a girl’s best friend and can instantly illuminate the skin if applied to the correct areas.

Style: Nicole is often seen in maxi dresses with an armful of bangles and long strands of necklaces. Her style is laid-back, but still pulled together. Her petite frame cannot hold a lot of fabric, otherwise she will look weighed down. She keeps lighter fabrics in her wardrobe rotation and always takes the opportunity to layer. She mixes her look between high-end glamorous and comfy casual and has such a passion about her fashion that she can make almost any look work.

Her style has evolved throughout the years and fortunately, over time has really improved. Are you a fan of Nicole's current look?

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I just adore her. She is probably my GIRL CRUSH!! She's the perfect mix of high-end fashion with a bohemian vibe. LOVE HER!! Thanks for article, Court! This comment has been removed.
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