Celebrity Style Spotlight: Chloe Moretz

Celebrity Style Spotlight: Chloe Moretz

How the Teenage Actress Is Dressing These Days

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Teenage actress Chloe Moretz really knows how to work her fashion. At only fifteen years of age, she has shown up on red carpets and for Hollywood events looking comfortable in everything from vintage wear to haute couture. After playing a tomboy-ish superhero in Kickass, Chloe has gone ahead to appear next to some of Hollywood’s veteran actors.

I like her style because I have yet to pin her down to just one certain look. It’s as if she’s going through the closets of some of fashion’s greats and really making their looks her own. While she does wear some more mature fashions, she never dons anything too risque or anything I would consider inappropriate for her frame or age.

Instead, she focuses on unique patterns, bright color combinations and highly-detailed dresses to help set her apart from others her age. In one of my favorite looks of hers, she wears a black and burnt orange striped skirt with a matching top and lace-up booties, which results in a phenomenally, fresh look.

She also keeps her makeup fairly simple, letting her fair, flawless skin really shine (in a good way!). She plumps up her pillow lips with peach glosses and light pink colors and lets her hair be either all the way pulled back and sleek or loose and carefree. Her red carpet look continues to be a fashion favorite of mine and I can't wait to see what she wears next!

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This little girl's wardrobe is ridiculous! She's so chic for her age.
Fashion face off with Dakota Fanning lol! I vote Dakota :)
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