Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet Favorite: Jordin…

Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet Favorite: Jordin Sparks
jordin sparks
After last night's Billboard Music Awards, I thought two things: Finally, Katy Perry picked a pretty gown that still didn't compromise her eccentric flair. And the second thing was, Jordin Sparks looked so gorgeous! She has really changed her look since her days on American Idol and is now a polished, stylish woman.

The dress she wore in a tribute to Whitney Houston was made of both leather and velvet (of all fabrics) and it looked amazing against her glowing, flawless skin. The mix of fabrics and styles (bustier with flowing skirt) proved to be an edgier choice, perfect for such an event, while still remaining elegant. She smartly swept her hair off her face in a loose style and really kept her makeup simple besides an addition of a pretty wine-stained lip.

Her accessories were also very simple, but added a little bit of glitz to her color block look. She embodies many of summer's trends in one red carpet style and really let her natural beauty shine both on the red carpet and while performing on stage. I don't think many others could pull off the look, but due to her height and radiant confidence, she was my fashion favorite from last night's awards show.

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She looks absolutely gorgeous! Although I see toes! Is she barefoot?! This comment has been removed.
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