Audrina Patridge Hairstyle

Audrina Patridge Hairstyle

How to Style Your Hair Like Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge Hairstyle
This fresh-faced paparazzi magnet stands out in a room full of Hollywood's most beautiful women thanks to her shiny, richly hued brunette locks. You can copy Audrina Patridge's hairstyle and hair color with these styling tips or try them on in our virtual hairstyle studio.

Audrina Patridge's hair color is heavy on the drama, natch (so is every episode of The Hills). She's a natural blonde, but often times hair looks shinier and healthier when you infuse it with rich color as she's done. Dark hair simply reflects more light, as does smooth hair.

Shampoo and condition your hair with volumizing formulas and blow-dry haphazardly with your fingers to create lift at the roots. A round brush will help you get maximum volume and turn the ends of your long hair under.

To score a sexy bombshell look like Audrina, ask your hair stylist for long layers and a chin-skimming bang. At home, you can style your hair with a set of extra large velcro rollers. Roll 3-inch sections of hair around the culers and leave them in for 30 minutes to achieve bouncy, soft hair that's night-in-the-town ready. --Stephanie Simons


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There should be one for her makeup as well...she looks great in this photo! This comment has been removed.
Thinking the same thing haha. Although her hair looks really nice as well--not too overdone, just the way I like it. This comment has been removed.
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