Allison Harvard, the beautiful, the best.

Allison Harvard, the Beautiful, the Best.

'America's Next Top Model' Is an Extremely Popular Series, Internationally.

Through out the cycles, the viewers sit on the edge of their seat, hoping that their favourite contestant isn't sent home. By the time the finale comes, the dedicated viewers are shouting hard for their favourites, and a lot of the time, Tyra makes mistakes! The biggest mistake in the form of one beautiful, quirky woman - Allison Harvard.

Allison Harvard (Also known as 'Creepy Chan') started off on cycle 12 not so well. Her photos weren't various and she had the poorest fashion walk in the bunch! But by the end, it was clear that Allison had come a long way, with her photos being magnificent and high fashion as well as her cat walk being strong and straight. But alas, Allison came second to a worthy competitor - Teyona Anderson.

When ANTM released cycle 17 - All Stars- Allison returned to compete against the favourite runner ups of past cycles. Although she proved throughout this cycle that she was a worthy winner, being beautiful as well as quirky (And having huge eyes that I am intensely jealous of), but lost to the "Fun" Lisa. Fair enough to say, I think Tyra made a mistake twice.

So ANTM fans, do you think Allison deserved to win? Share your thoughts.


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