BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, fair skin, mohagany middy wavy hair

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I'm a law student from Argentina. I make a little legal segment in Radio Universidad. I speak english et j'étudie française. I'm gemini, so i need to change all the time.

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yayitah commented on Which makeover looks better on me??

"thank you for your answers!!! Blonde it's not my colour at all, but like I said I did have to try it..."
yayitah commented on Which makeover looks better on me??

"@GoodFaith I wasn't sure about other colours but I just need to try it, at least here...thank you!!! :)"
yayitah wants your vote.

Which makeover looks better on me??
I want to try different styles but I don't know if it fit me...
yayitah replied to que color de pelo me quedaria mejor?

"Si en tu país esta empezando la primavera, opta por colores más claros por ahí un tono o dos. Si por el contrario estas en…
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yayitah replied to How can I get a the red hair colour that…

"The first picture is the colour I get when I dye my hair and the second it´s my real colour."
yayitah asked a question.

How can I get a the red hair colour that…
I already told you about my adoration for red hair, I dyed my hair but I don't get the colour of the make over! I want to know if I can reach it…
yayitah 's new status :

"I did it! Now i'm feeling red!"
yayitah replied to Blond or Brunette?

"I prefer brunette, because you have beautiful eyes and they stand up more with a dark colour of hair. But both looks good on you :)"
yayitah 's new status :

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. Coco Chanel ♥"
yayitah replied to What would be a good hair color for me?

"Maybe if you dye it in a darker blonde or if you want a tragic change maybe a warm brown."
yayitah asked a question.

What do you think about dying my hair red?
I really love ginger hair, it's like a fascination, but I don't know if it fits me! Please tell me, what do you think? And excuse me for my…
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