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yael453 replied to que tipo de cor me ficaria bem?

"Creo que depende mucho tu tono de piel, y el color de tus ojos para que decidas que color se te mirarira bien."
yael453 replied to What hairstyle and color should i…

"I like your hair color the way it is, it looks pretty :) But if you want to change it up i think some blonde highlights will look adorable with your…
yael453 replied to MY DAUGHTER WANTS MAKEUP!?

"I think you should try and have a talk with her and explain to her that makeup harms your skin if used to early on in life. I think it would be fine to…
yael453 replied to How short is too short for shorts?

"Usually when pockets show in shorts it's because the pockets are made to be longer, and that's a cute style. However, shorts are too…
yael453 replied to What do you think?

"LOVEEE the hair :) really pretty picture."
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Would a reddish hair color look good on…
I am mexican, so i am on the tanner side. natural dark brown hair. Like a choclatey color with a hint of red in the sun. i have dark brown eyes.…
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