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xxjassyxx replied to Am i pretty

"thankyou for your amazing comments im defonatly getting more self comfidence going into modelling soon, but i was orginally a model allong…
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can someone edit one of my photos sooo nicely tht i hav beautiful long eyelashes, want them to look real!!!!!!!..its for facebook!…
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"beautiful is the way"
xxjassyxx replied to What do I wear for school in England?

"Thank you everyone for my lovely answers I actually wore something :o I wouldn't off if I knew how ugly I really i am, after these lovely…
lipglossmagicgirl has posted on xxjassyxx 's corner

"i have given you advice check out my answer"
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"Stressing over tomorra,kill meh:-("
xxjassyxx asked a question.

What do I wear for school in England?
Tomorrow is a one off day to wear your own outfits& I only found out yesterday I'm freaking out because I have no clue what to wear,…
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"love thiss;)"
xxjassyxx asked a question.

Am i pretty
I want to know if im pretty or not i dont think i am and i need a self confidence boost, just rate me and i will help u on any fashion tips,thankyou i…
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"Starting the day in a beautiful way…"
xxjassyxx replied to What type of dress length will suit me ?

"I think that you should wear a short cocktail dress, blue would match perfectly with some nice heels, or even flats. Also you could wear a…
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