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xnazoo replied to How to become platinum blonde!!!??

"thanks guys :-D but I decided purple hair :-p"
xnazoo replied to How to become platinum blonde!!!??

"argh help meeee please :-( Would ya advice me to seek a pro ? <3"
xnazoo asked a question.

How to become platinum blonde!!!??
Hey guys! I really wanna change my hair color, it's black, with henna, and there is some rednes in it, listen heres the deal! I've tried…
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"its really cool - keep up the good work :-)"
xnazoo replied to what do you put on first, foudation and…

"First I use concealer, then foundation, then powder and THEN I add some concealer around the needed places..."
xnazoo replied to What's your best advice for oily…

"Maybe you over-wash, meaning that you dry out you skin so your skin overproduce oil to compensate that you remove oil everytime you wash your…
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