Loving my Taaz community! Have met some new girlfriends while forming supportive and uplifting relationships!! In one word....Awesome!
BEAUTY PROFILE: Brown eyes, normal medium to tan skin, darkest brown medium (shoulder) straight hair

Mini Bio:
I love being me! Enjoy shopping, reading, time with hubby, family and friends plus helping others as opportunities come up. Kind of a shy gal. Happy with life, marriage, my dog and the world around me!

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"thank you dear but iam sorry still dont know how to make like or write acomment only the way iam doing now"
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"I agree with Jackie. She is stunning!"
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"Hi Fawn! So lovely!! Wish Taaz would get back to how it use to be! Miss all my girlfriends! Great job on this makeover!"
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"Strikingly beautiful!"
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"Awesome my Dear!"
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Orange top
Late summer top
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"You rock Sweetie!"
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"@Jpeg2 She is holding her own dear friend! Keeping a positive attitude and praying for the best! Off the ventilator and breathing on her own.…
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"Thank you Sweetie!"
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"@JSDion Thanks Jackie. Going thru one of life's valleys with a granddaughter quite ill. Hoping and praying but feeling so helpless. "
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"@JSDion appened across it and enjoyed! Love your work!"
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