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BEAUTY PROFILE: Hazel eyes, combination fair skin, ash blonde long (past shoulder) wavy hair

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viktoriaveigas replied to Should I go "bronde"

"Hey guys, thanks for the response. A funny thing: I've been growing out my roots for 3 months now, and now that they're longer I…
viktoriaveigas replied to Hair color

"By the way, it's the exact same color I have xD"
viktoriaveigas replied to Hair color

"a neutral dark brown with medium golden brown highlights :)"
viktoriaveigas replied to could you give me any tips on my hair?

"hair masks!!!! you can use - honey - virgin olive oil - mayo - EGGS (good one!) - and many more (you should google it) What hair mask you should put…
viktoriaveigas asked a question.

Should I go "bronde"
I have naturally medium brown hair (about a level 4), that means I should be able to dye it 3 shades ligther to a level 7 (the color you see in the…
viktoriaveigas commented on What hair color looks best?

"I like number 3 as well :)"
viktoriaveigas replied to what colour should i die my hair?

"A hair color with red in it would match perfectly with your green eyes, go for a reddishbrown :)"
viktoriaveigas commented on Korean doll

"The makeup I love ♥!!! the hair not so much..."
viktoriaveigas replied to what is a good makeover for me?

"Aks your hairstylist for advice, if you decide going blonde ask for a full head of highlights, and repeat untill most of the hair is blonde :)"
viktoriaveigas replied to What hair colour would best suit me?

"Medium ash brown :) (I made the picture with photoshop xD)"
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