Circus jam went great today<3
BEAUTY PROFILE: Blue eyes, dry light skin, golden blonde long (past shoulder) straight hair

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I'm a cheerleader for both my school and allstar team. I love animals, esspecially dogs<3 I'm a pink lover and an extreme girly girl. If you knew me very well you would see my crazy(and slightly awkward) side EVERYDAY..... I haven't been on taaz that long but so far everyone has been super sweet<3 annnnnnnnnnd..............thats it...:P

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"Merry Christmas!!!"
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"@Cee.Cee Ikr! lol Thanks a lot!!:D"
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"@ismakeover__Q9YgdmbBpAGHyU5 Thanks:)"
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"@karinne_01 Im not romanian. haha! Thanks!"
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11/13/11 makeover
Big change..... You like?!
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"Circus jam went great today<3"
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"You just keep coming back<3 this makeover is ful of beauty"
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What causes zits exactly and what helps…
I think its just apart of your hormones in my opinion, but my friend is starting to get very TINY zits and freaking out about it. I don't get…
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"This is so fun!"
twistedcheeto97 replied to Is it true that Herbal Essences shampoo…

"I don't think so. I've used it before, plenty of times, and my hair doesn't look damaged or anything. In fact my hair is one of my…
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"At first she looked angelic and fresh, after she was more sexy, sneaky, and vicious! Love the change and the title works pefectly with the…
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11/13/11 makeover
Wanna go to the masquerade ball tonight?
Fall pixie
In honor of gregory gorgeous<3


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